Repurpose hours of food prep labeling

Food prep labeling isn’t only the law, it’s the integral component in food prep that ensures safety and reduces waste.

But when employees spend hours prepping hundreds of ingredients, the extra hours spent labeling eats into any establishment’s profitability.

Our Date Code Genie gives employees the power to reduce hours of food labeling work down to a few minutes.

The time-saving secret lies in the intuitive touch screen that was designed specifically for kitchen employees. The interface can be fully customized with exact items, terms and ingredients for each individual kitchen.

No longer do kitchens have to adapt to a food labeling system. The Date Code Genie is the first ever system that adapts to any kitchen environment.

From multiple language display—including Spanish and Chinese—to customizable “favorites” for common recurring labels, the Date Code Genie guarantees a simple, automated system that turns every kitchen employee into an expert.

Labels are available in permanent, removable and dissolving adhesives in both blank and color-coded day of the week styles in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of all kitchens.

Use these to produce food prep information, use first labels and even nutrition labels for grab and go items. Add logos and even allergen information to ensure customer safety.

An easy personalized web portal allows for free remote updates and storage of all food prep details in one secure place. Manage user access and customize category images to create a unique system personalized for each kitchen’s needs.

Food preparation is an important part of any kitchen that requires time and energy. Stop spending hours on ineffective labeling, when perfect labeling takes only minutes.