Trendy vs. Useful Tech at the NRA Show

Historically NCCO has been an observer to the exciting and innovative tech trends at the annual NRA show.

We see the annual parade of technological toys and trends and notice the follow up articles like this one from the NRA regarding five tech trends at the 2014 NRA Show.

NCCO’s product line of foodservice essentials like GuestChecks, RegistRolls and DateIt food rotation labels – while necessary tools for restaurants and kitchens – don’t earn you many mentions in tech trends articles.

But this was an especially exciting year for NCCO at the NRA Show as we exhibited (for the first time ever) our new automated labeling system: Date Code Genie. The Date Code Genie is every bit as innovative as other industry trends like mobile or tabletop ordering but is also significantly different.

Unlike so many industry tech trends, including all the trends in the NRA post, Date Code Genie is not a non-essential luxury. Don’t get me wrong, mobile and tabletop ordering are great, innovative ideas that can help many restaurants become more innovative and unique.

But the Date Code Genie is more similar to classic NCCO products in that it’s a foodservice essential that can save any restaurant a significant amount of time and money.

This is what technology can be for the restaurant industry: time saving, labor reducing, profitability increasing. When you have workers spending hours handwriting labels rather than prepping food, you’ve got a problem. The Date Code Genie is fully customizable for any kitchen and prints 60 labels per minute.

We’re excited about the positive effect Date Code Genie will have for so many restaurants. Take a look at it web site: to learn more about an industry tech trend that can actually help you save time and increase profitability!