How to Optimize Restaurant Operations

Chefs cutting up vegetables.

The restaurant business may be one of the oldest business concepts around but there’s nothing simple about running a successful restaurant. The notion of cooking and serving food to the public isn’t new but as the industry has grown and evolved it’s quite clear that success depends on a lot of moving parts. As restaurant owners, managers, and franchisees you know that operating costs can make or break you in the your business. Here are a few ways you can optimize your restaurant:

Reduce Food Waste
This can be done through proper food labeling and by careful planning. Do your customers often have leftovers? Track your inventory and pay attention to your food costs so you can avoid throwing money away like, well, leftovers.

Train Properly
Map out a detailed training program and use tools that will make things easier for your staff. Often, food safety training and training in general takes a trickle down approach which puts much of the task on busy managers. The Date Code Genie optimizes food labeling and grab-and-go food labels and the process is so simple, training will be a breeze!

Improve Order Times and Accuracy
The proper tools can again help with this optimization. Guest Checks take the guess work out of order taking which will improve order times and accuracy. the simple, elegant tool that gives customers a more enjoyable dining experience, increases average ticket size, and makes life easier at the front and back of the house.

Manage Labor Costs
Labor costs can be crippling to the restaurant industry. With the right tools and proper equipment your labor costs can be reduced and your kitchen even more efficient.