Jun 01

Using Technology to Increase Restaurant Sales

If you’re in the restaurant industry, you’re most likely aware of the many variables that can impact success: competition, menu, food trends, customer experience, labor costs and food production just to name a few. So how to do you attempt to run a successful restaurant in the midst of so many variables? Luckily, in this […]

Jan 15

How to Use Register Rolls to Increase Customer Engagement

In any customer service driven industry, face-to-face interaction has always been the best way to engage customers. However, with social media, digital marketing, and the continued development of new platforms to communicate through, face-to-face communication is becoming less prevalent than it once was. Customer engagement is an important element in any business that focuses on […]

Jan 03

Food Safety Labels are the Hottest Date You Can Have Right Now

It seems as though you can’t turn on the TV or go anywhere online without hearing about another case of food sickness. It’s almost as if there’s a new outbreak every week. If it’s not the lettuce it’s the chicken, if it’s not the product it’s a dating error. As our society continues to grow […]

Dec 04

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Your POS Tape

Story-telling is as old as the English language itself. Before people could write, we swapped stories to learn and teach the language. While things have definitely changed since the Middle Ages, human beings in general still gravitate to a great story. That’s the foundation and key to successful brand awareness. Your brand needs to tell […]

Nov 01

The Benefits of Thermal Paper and Printing

Thermal printers are more efficient than their traditional counterparts, but they’re also more cost effective and beneficial for various industries. Thermal has a specialty coating that allows for inkless printing.

Oct 01

How Do I Save on Kitchen Labor Costs?

It’s critical to do what you can to prevent turnover. The restaurant industry experiences one of the highest turnover rates for hourly and supervisory-level employees.

Aug 30

Toss the Masking Tape and Stick with Food Labels

Food labeling is an important element of kitchen prep and food safety standards. Correct food labeling helps you track the movement of food in your kitchen across the week. It’s not only good practice, but it’s the right thing to do for your customers. Sometimes, it can be hard to justify spending unnecessarily on food […]

Jul 31

What’s the best receipt paper for my restaurant?

The restaurant industry is really at the foundation of social outings in the 21st century. People dine out for date nights, special occasions, holidays, birthdays, business meetings, networking activities; the reasons for restaurant dining are almost limitless. That said, many restaurants will close or switch owners in the first three years of operation. It’s important to […]