Apr 23

BPA Chaos Theory

During the last few years BPA has been a pretty hot topic. The chemical is found in can liners for food, WAS found in baby bottles until it was banned last year and exists in some receipt paper—though you’ll never find it in receipts made with NCCO BPA-Free thermal paper.

Feb 18

Perusing “What’s Hot” for 2014

I always enjoy going over the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot” list for each new year. I’m particularly interested in the menu trends. These trends rarely change significantly year to year but they disclose overarching demand themes amongst consumers.

Jan 07

Reduce Food Waste and Ensure Freshness

A simple food rotation label system can help save time, money and significantly reduce the amount of food waste from spoilage for any restaurant. Here are our top four reasons to implement a food safety labeling system.

Oct 14

Tablet Technology

I’ve heard stories about restaurants using tablets for wine lists and for menu selection. Then there are also those restaurants where they are used for payment processing. And I’ve even read stories where some restaurants have installed tablets table side to handle the entire ordering process so customers only interact with people who seat.
I’m both intrigued and troubled by what this means for the restaurant industry.

Jul 31

2013 Restaurant Industry Mid-Year Buzz

Around this time of year we reflect on that question by looking back at first six months of the year. I emphasize the word “reflect” in that first sentence, because rather than projecting for the second half of the year, I’m always more interested in trends “or maybe I should say “the buzz” than statistics.

Jun 03

NRA Show 2013 Recap

The National Restaurant Association show is a bit of a blur in my rear-view mirror. Just a couple years ago, one could buzz through both wings of the exhibit hall in a day and still have time to check out one or two of the speakers. This year, however, my 30 hours didn’t allow me nearly enough time to do justice to the show. Judging by the expanded size of the show and the increased number of visitors, the restaurant industry seems to be in full recovery mode.

May 15

NRA Preview

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the National Restaurant Association Show again. It seems like I just got back from last year’s event with a bunch of new ideas and knowledge.

Apr 30

Super Broker Opportunities and Challenges

Broker consolidation—like everything else in this life—is change and has numerous opportunities and challenges. One of the biggest opportunities is the resources available with a large brokerage. Smaller manufacturers—like National Checking Company—get access to a broader group of customers and end-users and participation in food shows and sales meetings that on your own you couldn’t afford. And with more and more broadline distributors utilizing these brokers to be their sales force those benefits are substantial.