May 15

How Going Green Means Making More Green

It used to be said that “time is money,” but that old adage isn’t so accurate anymore. In this day and age, sometimes going the extra mile resonates with customers. One of 2019’s major trends is a shift to a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious dining experience. Millennials are more financially secure, which means they’re having […]

May 01

What Your Restaurant Business Plan Should Include

It seems like the restaurant industry continues to get more competitive every year. How do you keep up? How do you stay relevant? What if you’re just starting out? The first step to any of those questions is to establish an achievable, reliable and simple business plan. When you’re trying to get your restaurant up […]

Mar 10

Dining Disruptions

We all know the impact that Jeff Bezos’ empire has had on the retail industry, but restaurants? I know that they will continue to provide an option to operators that cannot effectively source specific items from the typical distribution partners, but will they really have an impact on consumers? Well, they are trying.

Nov 28

Searching for Egg Rolls

I had the opportunity to go to China last month, and was blown away – literally and figuratively. Literally because our trip was extended when Typhoon Haima hit Hong Kong on the day of our scheduled departure. Figuratively because the country is in such rapid transition that it is difficult for a visitor to grasp the scale of these changes.