Food Safety Labels: The Most Effective Way to Reduce Restaurant Employee Theft

Employee theft is a reality.  More than 75% of employees admit to having stolen at least once from an employer and a recent University of Florida study found that 43% of a company’s annual loss is due to employee theft.   The food industry is not immune from employee theft.

In fact, restaurant employees who void tickets and pocket the money from cash transactions, take unauthorized breaks, treat friends to unapproved comps, over-pour drinks, and dine without payment all contribute to the $3 billion dollars owners lose annually from employee theft.

There will always be ways that staff can steal from the restaurant and there is no magic bullet to completely eliminate the impulse to steal or theft itself.  However, food safety labeling systems are an effective way to reduce the overall theft of food and liquor products by employees while offering a myriad of additional benefits to both owners and customers.

Food safety labeling not-so-subtlety communicates to staff that inventory is being monitored.  This monitoring allows managers and owners to compare consumable utilization with on-the-books profits.  Food labeling makes the tracking of food shelf life easier and provides a means of locating the inventory closest to expiration for first-use.  Finally, food safety labeling systems can help ensure that covered food products, pre-portioned and stored prepped food are rotated properly.  Timely rotation ensures that the best product possible will be served, which prevents food-borne illness.

Employee theft is one of the largest contributors to business loss and, when it occurs, it seriously impacts the bottom line.  Introducing a food safety labeling system will serve to reduce employee theft while ensuring safe usage, storage and rotation of food, all of which protect the health of the customer and the bottom line.

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