Ensure exemplary service to those with food allergies and sensitivities

Millions of Americans need to manage their food consumption because of either food allergies or food intolerances which can make dining out a bit more complicated than it is for the average person.

A friend of mine once told me a story about having to call ahead to any restaurant she’s going to because of her extreme gluten intolerance. That story makes me think about dining out and about how a single ingredient could really be a life or death—or at least a hospital trip—for some people.

The unarticulated concern for so many of these people is how the message to the server is heeded. When someone says “I have a severe allergy to shellfish” it is potentially a serious situation, and that person needs to be confident that the restaurant has taken the necessary precautions.

Enter the NCCO Allergen Pad. It’s been many years since a new GuestCheck™ was launched, but this simple tool will really help restaurants assure food sensitive customers that the proper caution has been taken. Let me explain.

When a customer tells their server they have a food allergy or sensitivity the server will note that sensitivity on the appropriate numbered line based on the pivot points and in the removable label at the bottom of the check.

The check is then taken back to the kitchen where the cooks are made aware of the sensitivity based on the check and can take the necessary precautions.

Finally, once the plate is prepared the die cut label is removed and adhered to the side of the plate and delivered to the table.

The food sensitive patron is assured that the necessary precautions were taken when they see the label on the side of the plate.

This simple tool will help any restaurant provide exemplary service, guaranteeing an extremely enjoyable experience for the millions of Americans affected with food allergies and sensitivities.

And beyond that single enjoyable experience, the goodwill created will assuredly duplicate. My friend with the food allergy has also told me she has her “go to” restaurants that she trusts to heed her food sensitive requirements.

With the NCCO Allergen Pad your restaurant will be a “go to” restaurant, building a reputation for exemplary service within the food sensitivity community.



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